Weird things that are (almost) all my fault

Disclaimer: None of the characters below are entirely mine. One of the planets isn't in the public domain. I'm an impoverished college student. Don't bother suing me. Also, several of the below stories involve boys who have intimate relationships with other boys (or men, who, you know). None of them are worse than a PG-13 rating, but if that offends you, please avoid things marked 'slash.'

In order of creation, because it's as good an order as anything:

Orestes Drunk and Pylades Fasting -- in which Enjolras treats Grantaire badly, and also sleeps with him. The first version was written in June-July 1999, revision in Sept 2000.

Off the Track -- Unlike Rabbit and Shannon's charming little roleplay, this is a nasty, dark, awful story about Valjean and Javert. You likely don't want to know. Jan 2000.

Growing Pains -- A story about Enjolras and Grantaire and their platonic friendship. Easter 2000.

One of Three -- A sad Musichetta story. Sept 2000.

The girl of his dreams -- What may, now that I consider it, be lost foreshadowing from the particularly odd epilogue to Caron. Oct 2000.

A failure to communicate -- A biology in-joke. Oct 2000.

Observing a statue -- Combeferre and Grantaire ogle -- er, watch Enjolras. 2000 at some point.

Dossier -- Javert demonstrates his capacity for obsessive behavior. If this is slash, I need medication. January 2001.

Be careful what you wish for -- Alexandre Joly was bothering me, and bothering me, and bothering me, so I let him sleep with Chrétien Enjolras. 2000.

Monsieur L'Abbé -- "Why doesn't he love me?" angst. 2001.

Two Midnights -- in which Combeferre decides Enjolras looks like someone who needs a kiss in early June, 1832. 2001.

Is biology destiny? -- If I were a crueler person, I would have named this 'Leska woke, cold.' If you get that joke, read this story. It's set on Pern in the second Long Interval, though there are no characters from any of the Pern books in it. Please don't shoot me, Ms. McCaffrey. And, yes, it's somewhat recognizably, though punnily, based on Victor Hugo as well. It's also slash. July 2001.

The Dead Revolutionary Sketch -- in which I steal wholesale from Monty Python. Valjean, Marius, and Javert in the Parisian sewer. Not slash, because ew. Summer 2001.

Love thy brother -- After one too many 'Grantaire gets Enjolras drunk and sleeps with him' stories, I started to wonder if it was possible to write a story in which Enjolras slept with anyone while sober. This is the distressing result. Summer 2001.

I haven't stopped writing this stuff yet. Check Passing Glimmers, my fanfic-and-other-writing journal, to see if I've written anything recently.

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